A Fading Memory

Crawling up the walls for air
but the water keeps rising and I can't keep up.
Suffocating and dissipating
into a mass of contextual bullshit.
A fading memory
I can't recall why I started at all.
I lay for hours, 
numb from all the voices and choices and views and words and then 
I sleep.
Sleep is not quiet but the loudest silent scream;
a cry for help in a world that doesn't exist in the mind of anyone else. 
Still somehow I wake up refreshed, 
and it all becomes a fading memory.
The words, the choices, the thoughts, the stress,
dissipated into a mass of contextual bullshit. 

This is a photo that I created in context to my collage series and this poem was written in response to my current art school experiences.