When Afternoon makes Love to the Night

I know that I don't usually do a post un-related to fashion or fashion type things but this weekend was my 21st birthday and to celebrate my boyfriend and I went and laid on the beach, staring at the full moon's glowing light pushing through the tumultuous clouds. Sadly I did not capture a picture of this enigmatic moment but it has inspired my reasons for today's post. If you take the time to stop and actually look at the world around you I think you would find all the inspiration you need in life. Just watching the sunset can be an awe inspiring experience if you catch it on the right day's. Here in Miami the sunsets are mind blowing, orgasmic with colors bouncing off of clouds and humidity, creating a breath takingly ethereal experience. I read a quote once that referred to these amazing sunsets as "when the afternoon makes love to the night". I haven't been able to get that reference out of my mind as it is unbelievably accurate as well as an amazing use of personification towards times of the day. These are some photos from the most recent sunset's I have captured and a shoddy one of me with my blackberry camera (sadly my lens is 55-250 mm so not exactly the self portrait type without a tripod handy). 

All photos taken in Sepetember in Miami