I do this as one who knows there is air to breathe
somewhere in the swiftwater currents of this catastrophe.
A surface waits, to break on atmosphere,
wide open, horizon to glorious horizon. 

This poem was not written by me but I've taken it in as my own words that I just never wrote down. Above you is a video I did in collaboration with Octopustudio, one of my favorite photo/video teams in Miami. Although I was on set with them for another shoot (still on the hush hush) when we had some extra time after finishing early the idea of creating a quick video came about. 

Even though I officially no longer model I do still enjoy the ability to express myself in front of a camera, as I'm sure you all have noticed through this blog. So when I finally saw this video I was so excited to see myself performing many expressions that I truly think represent me. That was one of the issues when I was modeling: everything I did was for me, but really it was for someone else. Even though this video is technically for Octopustudio I feel like everything about it is for me. The minimal set, makeup, hair, and wardrobe. The magical light surrounding me, the meek smile, the scream; Everything about it feels like me right now at this very point in my life. I just wanted to share this with you all and hope that you enjoy it. If you are interested in seeing more of Octopustudio's work just click here. 

By the way, sorry that I couldn't get the video centered, I can't seem to figure it out 
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