Not so basic Black & White

Pulling at my collar bones, I can't help but feel an emphatic release to my monochromatic tendencies in times of lazy mornings. Hair pulled up, sunglasses on, black dress, cross collar, what more could you need? A Polaroid bag, just a box with a name, nothing more nothing less. My mind run's wild with thoughts of the future and the past. The present get's lost some how and I find myself screaming inside at no one in particular, just for the rush of endorphin's from my brain to my chest to the extremities of my finger tips and back. I want to reach out and grab something but I don't know what I'm reaching for so I stand still, looking behind black shades hoping that no one can see through to my utter vulnerability.  Hair pulled back, sacrilegious collar on, I'm really just asking for it. To be called out, pushed and pulled, but no one says a word and I'm still standing in the monochromatic shades of the day that I've created for myself.