In a Flash

Sometimes it feels as though we are constantly walking down the same path, passing the same things, seeing repetition after repetition and that no progress is being made. That light at the end of the tunnel seems so close yet we are still so far, and then suddenly in a flash everything changes. You are at the end of that path, and the light is vibrant, and intense, and it burns your eyes but you don't look away because that's why you're there; to be burned. Scarred in every which way you can be. 

I know my path is a long one, and as I look forward to reaching the end to that seemingly endless tunnel I look more forward to the moments that change my life in a flash. The ones that remind me that all this walking, all this work is paying off, is being recognized somehow someway. The ones that reassure me that the arrival to my destination will be great and well worth everything that is put into the journey. Life may seem mundane at times and like the whole world has stopped, but a flash will come, I promise, and you won't regret the wait. In the meantime don't forget to have fun, let loose, be goofy, be free, dance and sing until your neighbors tell you to shut up and you trip and fall into a fit of laughter.