Halloween DIY

Halloween is almost here and for most people that means costume parties and the opportunity to dress scandalously. For me Halloween is being spent working on school school school but on the random chance that I do some how end up going out I have decided to share with you all a very simple Halloween DIY that can easily be your's with a quick trip to your local Goodwill or thrift store. 

My grandmother grew up with her, my mother did, and I did. Lucille Ball is easily one of the most memorable characters in TV history and has been a comedy delight of mine every Saturday morning as long as I can remember. Her and Ethel's outrageous schemes, Ricky and Fred giving them the typical male eye roll at the end of the half hour, and the classic 1950's wardrobe that Lucy always made look effortlessly fabulous, what's not to love? 
Not to mention Lucy's facial expressions.....

The makeup for this look is really simple. Just add some red lipstick, a simple black eyeliner on only the top lid, some fake lashes and your good to go. Lucy always wore her hair up so that makes bad-hair day's a non-issue. 

No matter how you decide to interpret Lucy the key ingredient is confidence. Whether she was trying to pretend to be a champion gun shooter, a pizza maker, a well to do house wife, or none of the above Lucy always did it with a 110% confidence thus why she is one of my favorite characters to date. So even if you don't decide to pull off your own Lucille Ball go ahead and watch an episode of I Love Lucy if you are suddenly realizing that you have never blessed your eyes with such TV greatness. Oh and Happy Halloween!

Everything I am wearing is from thrift stores