Au Natural

Last weekend I was asked by my school's photo club to style a photo shot for them. I was allowed to come up with the theme so I decided to go with the Au Natural after being inspired by Evie Lynn's shoot we put into the RAUKUS Taboo issue this month. There was a group of about 10 photographers, 3 models, 1 wardrobe change and fluctuating weather. Even though I pulled all of the clothes out of my own closet I think we managed to pull off a pretty well managed shoot. Below are some of the shots that I took in-between working on the styling and wiping the sweat from my brow. Clearly wearing a sweater, even if it has slashes in it and paired with shorts, is never a good idea in South Florida.

Models: Katie Lopez, Camilla Cristo, and Bianca Zinger

A little behind the scenes of me working as a stylist and photographer.

Taken by Constanza Gallardo
Taken by Nabil Moo