Shadow Games

I saw this shadow one early morning and it stuck with me for no particular reason. As I am constantly going through my archives of photos looking for inspiration I always find myself stopping at this one. At first glance I'm honestly not to fond of it, but after giving it some consideration I find a quiet nostalgia within it. 
That quiet nostalgia ended up transitioning into my outfit earlier this week. I really wanted to wear my stripped leggings as it's been to long since my legs have seen them and the two are really quite fond of each other. However I didn't want to take on the punk attitude that usually comes along with wearing them, so pairing it with my bowler hat, Western belt, and 1950's shirt/dress this little number came about. 

As I have been getting deep into research for thesis class on my Impressions series I've realized while trying to find my voice for my work and this blog that when I attempt to describe myself through my style I always come back to "playfulness". My style is constantly changing, evolving, rediscovering, and reinventing itself. I like light and dark themes, vintage and new, classic and rebellious, things that shouldn't go together and things that are meant to be together. Elegant Idiosyncrasy is my space to be creative without boundaries, my virtual playground. I want this blog to be a space for imagination to run wild, perspectives to be challenged, and for things to be put into question and discussed. I want to hear what you all have to say whether it be random thoughts or strong minded opinions. And most of all I want imagination to run freely. This is something that seems to get lost as I spend days browsing through many personal style blogs. People document their outfits and then spend all their time after that trying to get as many hypes as possible, but where's the fantasy, the creativity, the dream brought to life? I once read a quote by Kate Spade about her opinion on great style and she stated that the perfect design leaves the final details up to the imagination. That's what I hope to bring you all and gain more in knowledge at the IFB Conference this next week. I arrive in New York today and plan to share many photos in the near future. 
Until then here is another one of my photos that inspired this outfit.

35mm film
Dress/Shirt Vintage, Leggings Ebay, Hat ASOS, Ear Cuff Hot Topic, Belt Goodwill, Shoes Nine West