Going Digital

I've hit a wall people. Albeit a very pretty and interesting wall, but none the less a wall. If you didn't know I am an art major and as an art major you are required to justify your work, respectively. An example of the work that I have been creating for thesis is the first picture you will see below, a montage of my surroundings and my outfits. The goal? To show how my surroundings influence how I dress. Sadly, this is not enough of an explanation of my work and has left me with many books, interviews, online articles, zines, pictures, discussions, questions, answers, more questions, and thus leaving me banging my head against a wall. I almost cried yesterday I got so frustrated and eventually had to calm myself down with a glass of wine. 

Funny how digital life was supposed to make things easier and in the end everything is just as hard. Or maybe that is just the life of an art student or student in general. I began with my work thinking that using the digital outlet of photo-shop and collage would make understanding what I was trying to express easier, laid out in front of you, but it seems that it has in fact brought up more issues. For example, is my work about feminism, advertising, a comment on advertising, identity, modeling, the fashion industry? Is it important that I am the one in the photo since I keep the character anonymous by covering the face or could I/should I use another model? How important is my body language? Should I change it? Make all the poses the same? I could go on but I will spare you.

Moving on from the stress of my life and onto more pleasant things, like this dress and everything about it. I hardly buy things that actually fit me, consider it a need for something overwhelmingly comfortable at all times , but this H&M dress knocked me off my feet and I had no choice but to purchase it immediately. It's thick felt like material creates a beautiful fluid curvature on the skirt and the digital print is something that I could stare at for days. Plus I absolutely love that they printed two different graphic prints on each side so as to keep the curiosity growing and the eyes flowing. Although the photo above shows that the inspiration for getting this dress comes from more natural roots I tried to combine the futuristic and natural aesthetic into the entire outfit by pairing my metal leaf ear cuff with my sci-fi Jeffery Campbell mirror wedges.