FIU Style Sightings

As I've said before, Miami is a town full of little rebels. This week is dedicated to the girls who like to put things together that you wouldn't think could go together. Gauges and pearls, hard-wear and cotton, leather and quilt, and knit and chains. I for one like to call these juxtapositions elegant idiosyncrasies and thus, the name of this blog. I've always had an issue of not being able to leave the house until I add that one thing that makes it off, or complete, or weird, or great; I can never decide which one it is and I think that these girls completely understand that. Sometimes in the full view of the outfit the most important parts of the ensemble become lost and this week I wanted to try and get back to the focus of the details. 

Leather and quilt
Stephanie Painchault, Biology
Cotton and hard-wear 
Brittany Martinez, Business
Gauges and pearls
Kayshli Rodriguez, Undecided
Tim Burton and rave 
Adeeba Khan, Biology
Blue hair and lace
Francisca Ortiz, Architecture
Hard-wear and floral jeans
Knit and chains and combat boots