Bringing NYC to MIA

Coming back to Miami has been hard to say the least. The sun may be bright and what's not to be happy about being a youth in the party city of the world but I can't help but feel sad for the lack of all things New York in my life. I was talking to someone about this exact thing earlier this week and was rather put off when they told me that if I had stayed in New York my feeling of complete joy and acceptance would rub off. I understand their doubt in my feelings towards a place I've only visited for days at a time but there is no way for me to explain my inexplicable feelings towards this place. I've dreamt of it my whole life: living in a one bedroom apartment with 4 other girls, just scraping to get by. Spending my days exploring the streets, getting lost in parks, fighting to be the best, working with some of the most inspiring people in the world, actually creating things that are changing people's lives, and being at the core of things, really. I want to be in a place with driven, forward-moving people. Where words lead to actions, and actions lead to ground-breaking visions and ideas. New York represents that for me right now and my mind may change once I finally move there and it may not, but who's to judge until we find out, right?

Sorry for my rant there but these things need to be discussed sometimes. Moving onto my title today, Bringing NYC to MIA. When I was in the city I felt a strong sense of editorial darkness. A bad-assery of sorts. Plus I wore my bowler hat almost my entire time there and it has managed to stick since my return. So on my first day back to classes I wanted to incorporate NYC in an MIA way. Pairing a muscle sleeve tank top with a vibrant pleated high-low hemline skirt I toned down a usually vibrant "Miami look" and added some personal accessory twists to create this NYC-MIA look. 

Also I forgot to mention that I made my final decision on the Little Black Boot and decided to purchase the split heel boots. I wore them one day walking from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park (over a 5 hour walk) and was never in pain. I was really worried that I would end up returning them as soon as they arrived as they seemed the least versatile of all the shoes I had in the options but once I began pairing them with outfits I quickly realized that they in fact match with almost everything (thank Ebay). If your looking for your own versatile LBB you can get your own here.  

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