All Things New York

I know my posting has been sparse this week and I apologize profusely but let's not forget that I'm in one of the greatest cities in the world right now and my focus is.....elsewhere. Later this week there will be many more postings on my style sightings, the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference, and quiet magic in New York, however I don't want to keep you all lingering on day's old posts so here is a quick update of all things New York via an outfit post from my second day in the city. I was feeling very mid-west meets art deco. I was quite surprised by the comments I got on the street, one in particular calling me "in the wrong state". Not to sure what that was meant to mean but none the less I couldn't feel more like I was in the right state. New York has filled my heart with joy and my soul with a sense of acceptance, I only wish my trip didn't have to end. 

Shorts Hurley, Kimono Helle Ellen, Hat ASOS, Shoes Ebay, Necklace Forever 21