Sunday Style: Back to School

Back to school is finally upon us and I though what better way to get started then a back to school shopping guide. I just did my first fashion merchandising job for Fashify this past week and wanted to share some of my selections with all of you. You can find all of these items at for extremely reasonable prices. 

For our first selection we have the LBB, a BCBG high-low dress, metal collar necklace, and a hefty military style backpack. For me I would consider this the perfect 1st day back attire. The flow and vibrant coral color of this dress will get heads turning but not because of your sweat stains. A simple statement necklace, comfortable shoes, and a backpack that can carry all of my books, laptop, camera lenses, and anything else that comes to mind. 

Next we have something a bit more daring, I call this A Rose with Thorns. Floral jeans are really in trend and I can't say that I'm upset about it one bit. Paired with an American Apparel floral lace top, neon green beanie , double bar spike ring and some spiked Lita's if your feeling really dangerous. This outfit is sweet and innocent but also strong and confident, a toned down version of cyber-punk all you need is a bindi bead between your eyes to top it off.

Finally if you want to adorn yourself in something not as loud try this chiffon double layered skirt (available in several colors), a lace crop top, Martini spiked ballet loafer, and an Edgar Allan Poe reminiscent bird claw bracelet. I love the dark mystery going on in this outfit, certainly something I want to see a girl reading a poetry or metaphysics book in the library in. 

Don't forget that you can purchase every one of these pieces at