Opium- Eater

A weekend stuck inside because of a so called "hurricane" made photo taking minimal. Luckily the sun shone through the blanketed sky for a few minutes allowing me to take these photos quickly of my outfit last Friday. This series reminds me of a quote I recently took note of in my sketchbook from fellow blogger The Stranger.

"And tonight I should like to bury myself in a graveyard because I know that no amount of restraint will keep me away from you. I cannot speak to you lest I accidentally mutter these morbid, putrid words and admit that your absence only lasted for a hundred and eighty hours and I found myself missing you." 

Her use of such darkly con-notated  words like morbid and putrid result in making her romantically inclined statement all the more powerful. In recent months my boyfriend and I have spent much less time together due to busy schedules, work, and school. So for the 75% of the week I spend by myself I often want to tell him how much he is missed without coming off as clingy, despite that we've been together for over a year. The Stranger manages to find an ephemeral balance to the heartache and overwhelming love and self hatred one has in times apart from their loved one. I highly recommend for you all to check out her blog to read more of her wonderful musings and obsess over her fashion sense. 

Dress Papusza Couture, Pearl Collar Vintage, Locket Necklace Forever 21