Match Head

Sometimes the most mundane things can inspire you. For example, a match. Even though it may be sweltering in Miami whenever you walk into a building it is as though you just entered the Artic, thus the need for my sweater (I promise, I'm not asking for a death sentence). But back to this match inspiration....have you ever been inspired by something that others find ordinary? I find that this happens to me all the time. Particularly with Miami's heat a match is much more than just a source of inspiration but a representation of the city's weather. However it is also a representation of a moment of inspiration. An epiphany. Instead of a light bulb above my head imagine a lite match.

Recently I came across this amazing website called The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. It sounds quizzicaly depressing but it's really quite inspiring, I highly recommend it to each and everyone of you. It led me to this definition of ecstatic shock that I find to be rather appropriate for this post.

Ecstatic shock: n. The surge of energy upon catching a glance from someone you like - a thrill that starts in your stomach, arcs up through your lungs and flashes into a spontaneous smile - which scrambles your ungrounded circuits and tempts you to chase that feeling with a kite and a key.

Although this definition is referencing to romantic situations I don't see why that can't be transferend to a romance with clothing. Or even with an idea that is transformed into clothing. I wrote in my journal months ago before finding this definition "What is this, this feeling in the pit of my stomach? It burns and it aches. It keeps me awake when it's very very late. The boilings of something great and long awaited." Any artist knows this feeling all to well. When you see something or feel something that inspires you you have to chase it, consume it with every being inside of you. There is no choice, it simply is. You are consumed, obsessed, and you can think of nothing but that thing and chasing it until you have become it, shared it, and basked in all it's glory.

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