I Want to Break Free

Originally I was going to name this post Killer Queen, but after I took the photos I realized that they were more fitting for the Queen song "I Want to Break Free". Thankfully I was able to keep Queen incorporated in this post as I feel that Freddie Mercury would give his stamp of approval on my extra long black kimono jacket. Moving on, windows have always been a source of inspiration for me, as they are for many, but particularly windows with blaring light coming from them. Light from when the sun stretches across the expansive sky, making it glow so white that it burns the eyes. You can sparsely see anything except for what your imagination creates. What would be hidden in your white light? 

I also wanted to provide a close up look on on this romantically dark duster. As I mentioned in Fresh to Death I was blessed by Helle Leen to get myself two inexpensive fringed kimonos; I got this one for a mere $60. I love the way the burgundy's and red's in the flowers along with the hand beading really pop in the light and make this robe come alive.  Not to mention I am also in love with my new Fashion Diggers rings and slave bracelets. Want your own? Just click here.

Leggings DIY, Boots Ebay