Grunge Re-Done

It's getting to that time of year again when the countdown begins for my birthday. I have always been one of those people that jumps for joy at the thought of their birthday. Maybe it was my mother's bomb-ass skills at arts and crafts that always made all the other kids jealous of my epic child-hood parties. Maybe it's an oldest child mentality, or maybe its the fact that birthday's are the shiznitz and I have always loved the idea of getting older. Whatever the reason is I have already begun planning the festivities and as each day passes I am only getting more excited.

On that note it may be blasphemy to say this to the fashion world but I was never much a fan of the 90's grunge until recently. Popular during a time when I was trying to show how professional and pulled together I could be despite my young age had me going against grunge as much as possible. However now that it's nearly 2 decades later I often find myself craving a plaid button-down I could just throw on with some destroyed jeans and Dr.Martens. But my sense for independent vision always comes kicking in so I decided to embrace my 90's roots in a more unconventional grunge tribute. Bright red overalls, a graphic Rebel tee, and synonymous metal jewelry are my uniform for anti-establishment.

As you can see below this look was inspired by a little more than just the essence of the 90's. At the art studio's on campus there are walls that are splattered with a variety of paint and I always find myself drawn to the section of wall that is overwhelmed with red paint, no surprise there huh? None the less I can't help but feel that that paint splattered wall and 90's grunge have strong correlations to each other. The Dadaism disposition prevalent in the haphazard application of the paint on these walls screams "Fuck you!" to the gallery exhibit industry, as does the spirit of grunge to the fashion industry. This was the decade that we began to move away from trends (or at least gain the concept of moving away from them) and dress how we want, which has fueled the spirit of fashion and personal style in the 21st century. 

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