Image courtesy of Tommy Ton

I knew T-Rex's would make a come back someday I just didn't expect it to be in our lobulal's. I had more of a global warming + new Ice Age idea in mind but thanks to Tommy Ton us non-Givenchy adorned people are able to see how the upper half live and apparently it's with plastic dinosaur toys in their gauges. But no-one's judging here, in fact I am inspired. Retro-rebranding some may say (Heidi Slimane *cough cough*). In all honesty though I really do love this idea. I've seen people put some strange things in their gauges ranging from safety pins to golden dollars and plastic dinosaurs easily wins hands down. There's a certain child hood innocence and creativity in it that I feel gets lost working in fashion industry at times. I myself have been experimenting with ear jewelry and have fallen head over heels with cartlidge cuffs. Skeleton hands, leafs, and punk silver bars have been covering the upper half of my ears for the past week and I can't get enough. If your interested in getting your own just click here.

Jewelry c/o Fashion Diggers