Dots on Dots on Dots

Polka that is. I know the title of this post isn't to creative but it coincides with yesterday's so consistency is something to count for, right? Moving on, have you ever wondered if polka dots were invented by the Polish? After further investigation it turns out that no one really know's who invented the polka dot. All we know is that the polka dance was extremely popular in Europe and America and thus came an array of items with the coined term "polka" put in front of it such as polka curtains, polka dinner wear, polka socks, and of course polka dots. Well enough of the history lesson and more of the polka dot shirt seen here from Indie Queen. When I first got this shirt I literally didn't take it off for days. It's cut is perfect for the humid and heated weather, the cotton material is breath-able, and the polka dots, I mean, it's polka dots, can you really go wrong? Especially with polka dot obsessed artist Yayoi Kusama's recent collaboration with Louis Vuitton they are certainly making a come back, or did they really ever leave? 

Shirt Indie Queen, Jeans Forever 21, Hat ASOS, Earrings Etsy