The Fall of the Queen of Summertime

The end is finally upon us. Sadly summer still has 8 more months to go in Miami but for today the Queen of Summertime has passed away; all because someone thought it would be funny to step on her sweet and innocent flower child. For this episode of "Videos I make in Video Art" we had passed on our Part 1 sections to a random student in class, they made Part 2, and then we were given it back to make the conclusion. I included an excerpt of my fellow students' project Part 2 to The Queen of Summertime, and now I give you The Fall of the Queen of Summertime. 

For those of you that missed the beginning of the Queen of Summertime I conveniently transitioned them all together for you and have the trilogy view-able here and now. Yes, I know, the excitement has only begun.