Photo Vogue

After my meeting with the RAUKUS team I was peer pressured to submit some of my photography to Vogue Italia's PhotoVogue community. For those of you that don't know PhotoVogue is an online community on Vouge Italia's website where photographers upload their photos and then editors at Vogue accept or decline them individually. Each day they have a photographer of the day featured on the main page and then each month the best photographs are featured in the print Vogue Italia issue. I submitted around 30 photos and these 4 were accepted onto the website and I am beyond ecstatic as I was very nervous to submit any of my work. 
I think Vogue Italia is one of the best Vogue's out there and this community is just another thing that warms my heart towards VI. They are one of the few magazines out there actually concerned about what their audience has to say and share. To see more of the amazing photographers submitting their work just click here.