Fallen Flower

Work. Class. Edit. Take pictures. Edit. Class. Work. 
Do you see a pattern happening here? This is the layout of my life currently during these long summer days. As I have been working extra hard this past week on my Thesis project for a trial critique next week in a room full of my peers I've finally begun to see where my work is going. That's the thing as an artist, you may begin working on something as you have an idea in mind, but an idea doesn't always have details and those details are necessary to determining how you will present your work, in what format, in what type of setting, how big should it be, for what type of audience? The questions go on and they have been filling my mind endlessly these past 3 months. But finally the light is starting to shine through. 

You didn't think I was just going to leave you hanging like that now did you? A little something special for someone special {you}, a preview of a series of photos I have been working on all summer.
"You effervesce so enchantingly"