Appropriate: belonging to another person; to take without permission or consent; seize;
 ex. Each played his appropriate part.

For my most recent video project I had to make an appropriation "art" video. When I say art I mean that you can't make a music video or humorous you-tube video. This video project had to be made able to loop and play continuously as if it were to be placed in a gallery exhibit. For my video I created a setting of a girl reaching out for her dreams, ambitions, hopes, vanity, materialism, love and loss, mystery, travel, anxiety, etc.....overall I wanted to create a daydream state placed in reality. 
Ideally this video would be seen on an i-pod screen with a frame around it in a gallery or my own bed-room. I took the main photo of the girl reaching out in the video and the first video featured, the rest is appropriated from Lady Dior Noir, Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel with Keira Knightley, and Chanel Number 5 commercial with Audrey Tautou