White Robe

Once again another vintage purchase. I swear by the time I return to Miami I'm going to be living my life in clothes solely from the 1950's and earlier. This particular robe came from Ashley Allbee's Zesty Etsy shop, "A shop that relishes pretty things", and trust me when I say every single piece she has in her shop is insanely pretty/unique/eclectic/quirky/classic all in one. This particular robe had been haunting my mind ever since I saw her feature it in her photography with it's open lace sleeves and ivory white silk. I've been on the hunt all summer for the perfect kimono duster to throw on over everything and after realizing that they are more expensive then I had originally thought it was a blessing in a white robe when Ashley put this piece onto her Zesty shop. Although the sleeves are much more delicate then I had thought this is still a piece that will be worn to death. Well really, worn to life. What I love so much about vintage is that these are the pieces that never died. The ones that have made it through the decades, the wars, the fights, the break ups, the downfalls, and are still here, beautiful, full of history and so much life. You will never find these pieces anywhere else, and each one is unique in it's essence.
This weekend is my last one in Savannah before my return to Miami and I plan to spend it hitting up every vintage shop in this town and getting in my last purchases. There will be much more talk of my love for vintage and why so for now I will relieve you of my rants and let you rest your eyes on some pretty pictures. 
 Oh, and happy Friday!