Red Overalls

If you follow me on facebook then your probably already well aware that on Friday I was taken over by the spirit of the 90's and possessed to buy these bright red overalls and then walk out of the store wearing them. Firstly let me make clear that I am not a huge overalls fan; never was, even in the 90's. So when I saw these and had that gut feeling that they needed to be mine right then and there I had no other choice than to purchase them (at the sweet price of $20 too thanks to the Clothing Warehouse). There is something so painterly about these with their canvas-type material and deep front pockets for holding large brushes and any other knick-nacks that come to mind. I'm not even a painter but I kind of want to get paint splatter residue all over the front of these. These photos were taken on my last day in Savannah as I am now back in Miami for school and I must admit that I will miss the Southern/New York feel that Savannah had to offer. But more about the clothes and less about my feelings, everything I am wearing was collected during my time in Savannah and gets me all the more excited about how I'm gong to incorporate my new pieces into my Miami wardrobe. More on that to come soon, for now I give you: The Red Overalls. 

Overall's, belt, and camisole vintage, shoes Jeffrey Campbell, Necklace Goodwill