Queen of Summertime

I feel like the queen of summertime with constant sunsets in my eyes.
As I watch the birds soar oh so high I wonder if I will ever be able to fly.
Embracing the sun and letting it kiss my skin; I feel like I am whole again.
Becoming the queen of summertime ignites the flowers in my mind. 
They fill up the room and we speak on common terms
Of lilies and dandelions, roses and ferns.
These are our peers, our friends, our chums
We laugh and we cry, but always stay beautiful on the inside.
As the queen of summertime I want to remain in this state of mind.
Retain the language of the woods and the eyes of the sky
Cradle the birds in these wings of mine.
Wrap myself in weeds and vines and let them take over my heart and my mind.

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