My Father

He is the one who held me as my eyes opened for the first time
And the second time, and the third time......
The one who dried my tears with words of wisdom
Inspired my soul when I thought all was lost.
When I changed my life and felt shaky with doubt his support made me strong.
His voice eases my fears and all becomes temporary in the face of the future.
When relationships end again and again and I feel like loneliness is a curse I am forced to carry 
He reminds me that he is always there and I know it will all be alright.
He is a man of the up-most class that I strive to have one day.
A man that I place on the highest pedi-stool but will always be able to reach out to.
My father is a man that I admire beyond words or poems.
He is someone that I find hard to describe because a novel couldn't put a dent on what he means to me.
So let me end this and simply say, Happy Father's Day
You are the person that I hope to be one day.