A Moment of Truth

Sara Bareilles new song "Bright Lights and Cityscapes" has been on repeat on my i-pod for days now and although I'm not quite near the cityscape it's always on my mind and bright lights are certainly in my sight. I am constantly looking towards the future, looking for something to hold onto, for something to want to hold onto with all my might. For me the future has always meant New York and the fight to get there to unite my soul with the city it constantly craves for. These few weeks in Savannah have been more revealing then I ever expected. Plans are being made for my future. Although I still have some time left to spend in Miami it will be spent cultivating my work, my heart, and my success. My life has seemed so long yet it has been so short in comparison and I am excited to see what more is to come. For now I will spend the last of my time in my hometown enjoying wrap around porches, the natural silence, and embracing the sunlight.

Dress Anthropologie, Sweater Forever 21, Necklace Gadzooks, Head-dress Handmade