Hurricane Winds

My return to Miami has been a return to the 4 month long hurricane season that dooms South Florida. The sky's are in a constant state of gloom and overcast clouds, winds at 20mph or higher, and 75% humidity at all times. I couldn't even stand to take these photos without having a Marilyn Monroe Seven Year Itch moment. I always seem to have an innate ability to dress in flowing clothes on the windiest days. It's as though my fashion nerve know's that this will be the best day to get the full flow effect, yet somehow always avoids the con's that come along with that (i.e. dress spontaneously flies up to show one's ass unexpectedly). None the less I did it again and paired my new cape/corset shirt with my old Anthropologie ultimate summer staple dress. I wanted to incorporate the gloomy skies with the beautiful flowers that you still see in full bloom here into my outfit.

Floral headdress handmade, Dress Anthropologie, Shirt Cicie, Shoes Sam Edelman, Ring Icing by Claire's