Warrior Beasts

This Friday I got the chance to see an exhibit at Little Beasts studio with pieces by SCAD graduate design student, Erin Goodman modeled live. I snapped a few pictures of Erin after the SCAD runway show last weekend and have been obsessively intrigued by her work ever since. Her dresses have such a meticulous intricacy about them with their hand pleating and ombre colors that you get completely consumed and swept away into the dress as a poetic language instead of just material on a mannequin. Her coinciding helmets make the garments seem as though they are made for the modern warrior woman and I am 110% ready to become apart of her army. My apologies for the shitty quality of these photos, I left my camera at a friends and was left with my blackberry to document this experience.

The designer, Erin Goodman, explaining her work to a spectator