Trust Your Art

I want to be an artist. I want to create. I want to cultivate myself and become the fucking best. I want to be a photographer, a stylist, a journalist, a poet, a muse to myself. I want to be fantastic, wonderful, and lovely. I want to be able to execute perfectly and come up with great concepts-fastI am driven to create and push myself to the furthest extent. I get that sick feeling at the pit of my stomach that takes over my mind and appetite and refuses to go away until I finally reach that point of success. Who knows if that point will ever be reached, or if once it is I will feel like I have met it, but what I do know is what I love. Blogging has become a passion of mine on many levels. The chance to share my love for clothes and styling to a wider audience. Coming up with new places to shoot, blog post themes, and pushing my writing and poetry constantly. Blogging has become a layout for everything I want to do in my life (career wise that is), so my point? Trust your art, always push yourself, and never forget, that feeling in the pit of your stomach isn't a virus, it's a gift. 

Shirt Do & Be, Skirt handmade, necklace Fredricks of Hollywood, Headdress handmade