More than What Meets the Eye

As soon as I left home I was immediately thrown into the life of that as a model. 
Whenever people saw me the first thing they'd ask is 
"Are you a model?"
and when I'd say no, they would persist that I should become one. 
No use in explaining my past experiences to them, it would be useless. They want to hear what they want to hear and move on. My actual feelings towards becoming a model seemed insignificant to them compared to my appearances and physical attire. I am what I appear, but I am not. I am more. I am more than just a face in a picture. I am more than just a pose. I am a mind. I am a voice. I am a girl, a woman, making her way in the world that she wants to so strongly become apart of. I am a fighter. I am a warrior. I am a lover. I am hopelessly resilient. Many may see me as I appear but there is more than what meets the eye. So go ahead and label me as a "model", whatever that means. 
Just don't forget that I have a name, and it's Ashley.