Kate Bellm

Ms. Kate Bellm
She was born in 1987 and attended an all girls boarding school in London until 18 when she went to Paris to study fashion photography and within the year did a huge editorial shoot for Esquire in South Carolina on Harley gangs. At 21 she moved to Berlin for a job at Vice magazine and now goes in-between Berlin and London shooting for magazine such as Nylon, Tush, Vogue UK, Vice, Esquire, and Indie. This 24 year old is one of the more creative up and coming photographers that you should have your eye out for. Her versatility of being able to go in between shooting pro skaters and high fashion editorials successfully is held together through her aesthetic of shooting. Flash, crazy colors, and crazy girls/guys is what keeps Kate fresh and boundary pushing. Inspired by almost everything it seems you can read more about Kate Bellm here with Louisa Lowenstein's in-depth interview
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Kate Bellm
Photos courtesy of Julian Spaethe from Freude von Freuden's interview with Kate Bellm and her apartment circa 2011
Kate Bellm's apartment
Kate Bellm's photography

Kate Bellm and Darius Voltra's graphic wood print with melted wax crayon