Forever Green

Everyday as I sit at my desk I see this rather random spot of overflowing greenery and everyday I tell myself, I'm going to take pictures there, I am I am. Well, I finally did when the outfit was right. After my successful weekend of vintage shopping I purchased this mint green sweater that I afterwards realized wasn't exactly "vintage" and was more so Forever 21 (pure accident I swear), but either way I love it as it is perfect for summer with its loose fit and knit, making breezes ever so welcome and the heat not so hot. Plus it makes for great protection from all the mosquito's that want to suck the sweet blood out of me. 

On top of that I got this wicker bowler hat. I've always had issues with hats either being to big or to small, but this one fit just right, and like the sweater it's straw material allows air to flow to my head and keep my hair from becoming a sweat induced plastered down crown.

And last but certainly not least, the necklace. For only $2, literally purchased thanks to the change at the bottom of my purse, I got this nostalgic, romantic gem at the local Goodwill. What I love about this is piece is how the pendant has such a Victorian-ish vibe with it's hand painting and framed molding, yet the chain is so modern and for un-explainable reason's compliment it in all the best ways. 
Elegant idiosyncrasy I say....

Sweater and jeans Forever 21, Necklace Goodwill, Hat asos