Tremendous distance.
No matter how many steps forward the distance is still there.
I could run for days, tear my tendons and break my knees and the distance would still be there.
I reach out, rip my arm out of it's socket and reach for you,
the distance is just the same.
Not a word has been said as the tears are shed 
and the distance is growing further every minute that the silence continues.
Is not silence more painful than death?
For at least with death there is an end
But the silence, the silence begins and slowly creeps through this open wound on my chest
and it stings like alcohol, only nothing is healed, it just, stings.
And I want to scream out for the silence is filling my mind with mute cries and the pain is endless, but I can't
For the silence has stolen my words and stitched my mouth shut.
So I close my eyes and listen for something. Anything.
A telephone ring. A single word. Anything.
But all I hear is the silence and all I can see is the distance.
The tremendous distance.