Even though I may sit at a desk all day at least I am spending my days progressively by learning new photo shop tricks of desaturation. Memorial Day weekend is coming up which means a 3 day weekend and sleeping in past 6am. Ecstatic is an understatement. Plans of sitting on the beach for hours as my brother solicits for art and I document every moment of it. For this outfit I paired a girly girl ensemble with a chain heavy bib to off set the excessive "I am a female and don't you forget it!" vibe coming from my pink pleated shawl. I've noticed that I have a very feminine style, and yet all of my jewelry consists of dangerous life threatening full finger rings, slave bracelets, leather and chains. 2 personalities working against each other but forcibly finding a balance to live together. I can never go to girly because it makes me want to puke, and I can't ever go to dark because it makes me feel scary. 
This is an issue I'm working on, trust me.

Dress and Shawl vintage, Necklaces Forever 21