Blink  and I feel it streak down my cheek
Hoping that as each one falls my sorrow will fall with it.
A release.
But as one falls another one always follows and my heart feels heavy 
and my cheeks feel weak; unable to take another streak.
Each day passes and these streaks form beaten paths down my ivory cheeks. 
Each day passes and these paths become more permanent then they should ever be.
Road ways that remain unseen to the naked eye, 
but the heavy heart knows better.
So many layers with so many words that remain unspoken.
26 letters can't understand or comprehend the heavy heart,
the weak cheeks, the acidic sorrow from the tears left here. 
Please just look at me and listen through my heart; hear my soul.
For I know no  other way than to tell you what we both already know. 

Blink and perhaps my sorrow will leave with this last acidic streak.