My Every Nerve and Undying Soul

I remember how our lives lined up perfectly
Not spoiled by time or space
By that Big Apple or Neon Lights.
And I forget those bad parts by heart.
I swear, I don't remember when my memory went weak and words were said and feelings were injured and tears were cried and silence was deafening.
I don't remember who said what or why or how
And I hope my memory stays weak for those time's we weren't we.
Because when it was us my memory was strong and resilient and ready to battle in the worst war with you as my captain.
Year's down the road you will always mean to me what you do now
And I hope you never forget that night we shared under the stars when you held me in your arms but really you were holding my heart in your hand and I wasn't scared that you would squeeze it to tight or let it fall to the ground
Because something about your touch felt safe and trusting and I will never forget everything we shared
And how we made two seemingly different people the same and created a life together that I will hold deep in these bloody estuaries that keep my heart pumping everyday.