I Swear, I Couldn't Look Away

When I look at you I see past the physical
Past those almond eyes and skin that glows in the night's reflection of the moons warmth.
 I see a smile that creeps out like a shooting star and ignites a light inside of me.
I see the softness in your touch that stems from your everlasting tenderness 
I see the helplessness of your sleeping body in the early morning light.
When I look at you I see not only skin and bone
But your glitches and twitches; Your heart and your head.
I see the evening shadows that release your energy and entangles with mine.
I see innocent souls bound to these torturous emotional tolls. 
When I look at you I see what I should have always seen:
A soul. 
A living dream. 
A beautiful human being. 

As promised, the final version of my photography book, 
I swear, I couldn't look away