Artsy Fartsy

Art is said to be the exploring of the imaginary but in my opinion art is the imagination.
 Art is that dream world,
the greener grass on the other side,
the fantasy,
the hopeful.
All of the darkness in this world is almost unbearable and makes it hard to seem worth living in,
But art gives me that hope.
I work hard at what I do because I want to create great work.
Something that I can be inspired by.
Something that finds that beauty in the darkness.
Something that allows you to escape but at the same time explore what's here.
Artist's are the dreamers. 
Artist's are the realists.
Artist's are the bridge that allow the two to exist as one.
Artsy Fartsy some may say
Just roll your eyes and move on.
Fall asleep in museums to take in the essence 
To allow the artists dreams to invade your own.
Find the bridge and bring your fantasy back to reality 
And let us see what you see.

Photo's taken at the Frost Art Museum