Slave Bracelets

To give a little background history on slave bracelets according to E. J. Alagoa Portugese slave trades used to pay for slaves using coins called manillas that Nigerian traders often turned into intricate bracelets. Some African traders also bent copper bars that were used as bracelets for money and were referred to as "slave bracelets". Nowadays slave bracelets consist of a bracelet and ring that are attached to each other with multiple strands of chains to ornament the back of the hand. 

I became fascinated with slave bracelets after I worked for Anna Mixon and ever since have been a sucker for anything chain related on the hand, head, body, or leg. So pretty much everywhere....There's something so elegant and strong about a chain on a woman, particularly a chain that has a fluidity to it that you get lost in the essence of the piece itself. The embellishment, the sultry design, the breath taking beauty in the back of the hand that gets lost behind gloves and shirts that are to long. We wear clothes that show off our best features, so why not take that same theory into accessories?