Beyond the Moon

Will you always love me?
Strong and hard?
Intimidating and accepting?

Will you love me beyond the moon

and past the stars?
Where words don't matter
and looks mean little beyond eyes?
Will our love inspire hope
against all odds?
I hope at least it can treasure the most
that we can hope to endure
for this time we have as ours.
But if not, I'll love you more
than words can hope to allure,
however I hope that you know
today is our poison to drink until there is no more.
So drink my dear
like I will drink what we have beyond what yours and what's mine.
There will be a trust,
A lust,
A must that can't be mine or yours.
It is.
It was.
It will be beyond.
But don't worry,
It is.
It will be.
It will be beyond
the stars and the moon.
Beyond the place you call your's.
Beyond the place I call mine.
Beyond the place we call our's.
Beyond what words can express.
Beyond what we can ever hope to say.
Beyond what we can hope for these pictures to display.