Shoe Ad-gasm: It's Real, We Don't Joke.

Shoe-gasms are all to real.
I have at least one every time I go onto
Now they are invading my magazines and computer screens and I can't seem to look away, nor do I want to. Bionda Castana's new ad's this season show a pop art collaboration with a variety of interesting props and pastel color schemes that make the shoes....pop. A coincidence or irony? Only Bionda Castana can tell us, and who knows if that's even a real person or just another stage name (Nicholas Cage, I'm on to you.....). None the less I will finish my bull shit banter here and let you enjoy.

But I'm not done yet....(gotcha, huh?)
We then have Ingrid Moe in Vogue Spain this month showing lengthy legs and luxurious drunken locations, but styled perfectly and lighting blurs that allow you to forget that they live fabulously intoxicated while us real people usually end up sloppy and a bit disorderly, if you catch my drift.
But we can dream......