I'll Write Until My Dying Day

I'll write for you in moments that feel like death
I’ll write for you in moments that I'm one with the earth
 I'll write for you in moments of love
I'll write for you when I'm alone and hurt
I'll write for you because I can think of no other way to better fill my days
Than to write for the one that made me Me.
 You saw me and I feel what I could be.
But this is about us.
This is about trust.
It’s about a lust that’s transcending beyond days, hours, minutes, or months.
About the look in your eyes that’s overpowering mine.
And making these words pour out of the hollows of my mind.
I’ll write for you my love until my fingers turn blue
Until my eyes can’t see the light
Until my mind can’t find something new.
But that moment is long ahead of me,
 I’m quite sure
And until then I'll keep writing until there is no more.