From Afar

From afar I face confusion by your surroundings of happy strangers.
An emptiness grows deeper with each click of the arrow.
I digress.
My lack of presence is transforming into a fogged glass that is thoughtlessly wiped clean.
Dis solvable relationships.
They build us.
But will the droplets of our memories mean anything to you
Or will they become a stain on the napkin of our mistakes?
I want to scream and cry 
For anger and fear.
I want to ball up my fists
Scratch off your words
Stuff my ears and live in a white clouded bliss.
I want to stop growing up 
 To appreciate what we have.
What we’ve done.
 Where we’ve been.
But the silence is so loud 
And the end is no where near.
So I'll close my eye's and escape to a time
When clouded bliss was the reality of our minds.