Deafening Silence

It's just words but they cut so deep
Penetrating my ego and stabbing my self control
Slicing my empathy and infecting my soul.
Your knife's left behind an emptiness that grows like a mold
And the silence is breaking me more than you know.
It's weighing down my mind and blurring my eyes
To the future that could have been, but it seems I'm growing blind.
This emptiness is dark and know's no end.
It's strangling my thoughts and making me cry.
You stabbed me and left me here to die
But what you don't know is that I can still get high
And see the light that grow's as the time passes by.
The emptiness deepens as each day arrives, 
But the light shines too bright for my wounds to survive. 
Your silence is deafening and filling my mind
But one day you'll see that I pay no time 
to the mute that stab the wretched or the blind. 

My light will still shine,
Even in this dark time.