Art Basel Haze

Art Basel is finally here and there are more events then I can ever imagine attempting to attend all of. A quick flashback to my first Basel experience last year I worked with the wonderful Kaytee Papusza O'Brien of Papusza Couture as an Ice Queen live installation piece at Charcoal Studios. Consisting of me being in a swing 10 feet above the audience for countless hours as AfroBeta performed and adorned with a bone crown by milliner Katie Burley, at least 5 extra feet of hair, and a beautifully intricate dress and corset made of bones, feathers, and chiffon, to say the least it was a life changing experience.....

Below is a teaser trailer of Gemma Fleming's Twins installation that I will be apart of Thursday, December 2nd from 4-7pm. Be sure to come out and support Gemma and my dear friend Kaytee Papusza O'Brien who will be providing the clothing for the installation but sadly will only be there in spirit (beautiful material spirit that is....)

Twins - Teaser from Gemma Fleming on Vimeo.