Mr. Fox and His Ladies

Do you ever have a moment where you know your just meant to do something, that it was made for you, or you for it. Either way you are overcome with a tormenting desire to accomplish it, to hold it in your hands, to have a visual trophy, and all you can do is think about it. It's distracting and consuming. This is one of those moments. I recently ran across these shots by Sean Ocean for Papercut Magazine for a cruelty free campaign and my mind is blown. How they got a real fox, how they got the fox to be tame and cooperate in the shoot, how they got the model to pose perfectly in relation to the fox, how RED the fox is! Everything about these shots consume me and kill me. How can I get these in my own life?!?! Anyone that happens to have a fox that loves to take pictures let me know, I am willing to travel.