How a Smile Can Change You

In rare moments do those solemn lips break apart for a glimpse of the joy and ecstasy that exceeds from your essence.
As the corner's of your mouth creep from the space above your chin to reveal the stretch of your skin 
Dimples can be found in your rugged facial terrain
And the moment your lips break apart something changes.
Your eyes light up and I can feel you.
An intangible presence
Of spirit
Of mind
Of heart
It gives me hope.
It fills me with love.
It compels me and transcends me. 
Your smile makes me want to change. 
I always look to it in times of need and despair.   
To be stronger

As the tears leave acidic scars on the sides of my face
From reminiscence of your place 
I'll always think of your smile 
And how it changed mine forever.