A Tinted Window

I sit here, behind this tinted window,
Looking out at the hills and the sun.
At the ignorance and bliss.
And I cry wishing I remembered those feelings
And knowing that the damage has been done.

This tinted window seperates me and makes journeys easier.
It makes an ending numbing and quick to get over.
And a beginning less intimidating to approach.

I want to punch my hand through the tinted frame
And come out with shards stuck in my skin.
Jutting out
Stuck inbetween splices
Littering the ground around me,
Just so I can feel again.

I want the sun to burn my eyes and I want to join the rest of the world.
I want to make bonds that I think will never break.
I want my logic to shatter with the glass,
And when I step through the hole in that empty frame
I want to feel the breeze and get swept up in it,
Lost in a world of bliss,
Of ecstasy,
Of tranquil serenity.